How it works - M&A League Tables

This section is for League Table entries only. 

The Process - League Tables 

Step 1: Submit your data by October 27, 2023 

  • TMT M&A Awards are the only pure-play TMT M&A deal awards and they act as the most important benchmark for the leading financial and legal advisers and investors active in the sector.
  • The League Tables are compiled using our comprehensive TMT DealData which includes a powerful mix of aggregated and proprietary M&A data points
  • There is no cost to submit your deals to us, but to ensure we capture your deals, please submit your data no later than our deadline of October 17, 2023.
  • You can use our simple upload tool here or contact our Head of Research Olga Stahl at
  • We are looking for data for all M&A deals announced between Sep 1, 2022 and Aug 31, 2023 and over $50m deal value

Step 2: Data analysis

  • Our research team then analyses TMT DealData to identify and shortlist the top performing advisors, investors and deals in a range of M&A League Table categories.
  • If your transactions have undisclosed values we will use our own proprietary data if we have it - otherwise the deal will count for Volume only (not Value)
  • M&A advisers who wish to be considered for the awards must appear within TMT DealData league tables.
  • Our league tables capture the role of an adviser mandated on any side of the deal (bidder, target or seller)
  • Full criteria can be found here: /awards/criteria

Step 3: Shortlists announced from November 4, 2023

  • As soon as the data analysis is complete, the TMT M&A Awards shortlists are publicly announced. Only firms that appear on the shortlist are eligible to enter TMT M&A Awards
  • For all adviser shortlists, this is for deals announced between 1 September 2022 and 31 August 2023 (excluding lapsed or cancelled) with a deal value of more than USD 50m
  • For Digital Infra M&A adviser shortlists, this takes into account where the dominant subsectors are: Datacentres, Fibre, Cable and Broadband; Towers and Small Cells; Satellite
  • For Technology M&A adviser shortlists, this takes into account where the dominant sector is: Technology and dominant subsectors are: Cloud, IT and Managed Services, Enterprise Software and SaaS, IoT, Aps, Marketplace and eCommerce, FinTech, Hard Tech, AI and Automation and Cybersecurity
  • The shortlists are constructed through a combination of league tables by Volume and Value. For TMT and Technology nominations, the proportion of the ranking weight’s allocation is higher for Volume; for Digital infrastructure – for Value. 
  • In case of the ranking sharing or border line, TMT Finance team applies additional judgment based on size of the deals, type of targets, type of transactions, complexity of the deals, timetables of the deals, variety of subsectors, variety of countries within the region, number of other advisors involved in the deals. 
  • The full league tables will be published in early February 2024.